Arlene Barnhill is the owner and creator of Ka-mil-yin, fragrance, lotion, and soap. As fragrance can define your mood and inspire confidence, it is part of Arlene’s most important daily rituals. Through her love for fragrance and creativity, she sought out to bring her passions to others and developed the Ka-mil-yin brand. Ka-mil-yin signifies change, which is the spice of life and femininity, which we should all celebrate! Although some people prefer one defining signature scent, it is also fun to mix things up and try something new or interchange your favorite two to three signature scents to set the tone for the day.

Ka-mil-yin recently introduced the raved about “Perfume Bar Party.” Would you like to host a unique party that your friends will always remember? We offer fun, personalized scent-making experiences in your home. Whether you want a full-service experience to cherish for your special event or a do-it-yourself scent-making kit for your party, the options are endless! See the “Service” section for more details.

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Arlene Barnhill: Kamilyin Writer