How to Fix Dry Hair – 11 Effective Tips

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Is your hair dry, brittle, or dull? Here, I share some great tips on how to fix dry hair and even dry damaged hair.

Dry hair is often due to a lack of sebum but can also result from our bad habits.

To remedy this, follow these good remedies to help take care of dry hair and restore its beauty.

How to Fix Dry Hair

Why Does Hair Become Dry?

In most cases, dry hair has a genetic origin.

Sebum, which has the role of hydrating the scalp, does little or nothing to fulfill its function.

But it can also be brought about by external aggressions such as the wind, sun, swimming pool, and seawater, among other pollutions.

Unhealthy beauty habits (very tight elastic bands, hard and frequent brushing, too hot drying), or using unsuitable products (overly detergent shampoos).

They cause the hair to suffer, the hair will lose its elasticity and become dull and brittle. This further leads to irritation and itching.

Fortunately, there are various solutions to take care of damaged and dry hair (whether curly, frizzy, or smooth).

Using special nourishing hair repair masks is a good option to adopt so as not to harm it anymore. They are a good moisturizing hair care option just as eating healthy food.

What Can I Do About Dry Ends

11 Effective Tips on How to Fix Dry Hair

  1. The first step is using a soft and nourishing shampoo specifically for damaged dry hair, a product rich in nutritive active ingredients such as ceramides, sulfate-free (which replenishes the natural lipids that have been lost), oils, or essential fatty acids.

    However, avoid washing your hair too often so as not to weaken it further.

  2. In addition to doing your shampoo well, it is good to complete your hair routine with the application of a good quality detangling conditioner, which will facilitate styling while providing nutrition to your damaged and dry hair.

    Choose a product adapted to your hair type (curly, straight, frizzy hair, fine dry hair, colored hair) for the results. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.

  3. Once a week, after shampooing, apply a mask to wet hair to deeply nourish it. Experts recommend using a Coconut Oil mask. It has proved to be very beneficial to dry damaged hair.

    The masks smell of the tropics because its formula is enriched with fine coconut oil.

    These masks have a melting texture that will bring all the necessary care to your hair which will find suppleness and softness.

  4. Before drying, complete your hair routine with oil to nourish and protect it.

    Experts advise for sublimated hair technique: the dry hair serums are enriched with vegetable oils and essential oils (for example, argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E).

    They nourish the hair fiber and dry ends and return its shine. For best results, use the dry hair serum every morning and evening.

    Rub between your hands 2 to 3 drops of serum, then evenly apply it on your hair using your fingertips and style as desired.

  5. After the washing step, pre-dry your wet hair with a terry towel, which removes the overflow of water. Then proceed to a light drying with the hairdryer, 15 cm from the hair, and never more than 15 seconds in the same place.

    There are several hair masks you can make at home to repair damaged and dry hair. These masks are good at working to hydrate hair and restore its shine and strength.

  6. The nourishing mask, to leave on for some time before shampooing:
    • Mix 2 tbsp. virgin castor oil
    • 1 drop of virgin argan oil
    • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
    • Add 5 drops of clary sage essential oil

      Apply the mixture to your hair.

      Cover your hair using a cling film. Then wrap the film on your head with a hot towel. let it stay for one hour.

      Next, rinse it out thoroughly.

      You can choose to use this hair mask weekly, especially if your hair is damaged. For routine hair care, use it twice a month.

  7. The honey-olive oil mask:
    • Mix 2 tbsp. of honey and olive oil (heat it lightly so that it is liquid).
    • To make hair shine, add lemon juice and one egg yolk.
    • Apply this mixture to dry hair,
    • Then let it sit for about 30 minutes. Afterward, wash it off using a quality dry hair shampoo.

  8. To style your hair well without causing more harm, it is important to use gentle movements.

    A leave-in smoothing and nourishing hair treatment (one that doesn’t require rinsing) will be perfect for detangling and moisturizing the hair.

  9. To perfect the styling, opt for styling products that bear the mention “for dry hair”, “damaged hair” or even “fine and fragile hair”.

  10. Our plate has an impact on the health of our hair, it is important to eat healthy to have hair in good shape.

    To treat your dry and damaged hair, consider eating almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, and cereals.

    Also favor the consumption of green vegetables and fresh fruit.

    Let us not forget fish such as sardines, trout, mackerel, and salmon, rich in Omega 3. For cons, avoid saturated fats (cold cuts, fast food, white bread).

  11. To treat dry hair, one can also bet on good food supplements.

    A dose of three months from time to time of a good nutritional supplement specifically nourishes and protects hair from the inside.

    For example, vitamin B promotes hair renewal (handy if you have a problem with hair loss ) while vitamin E helps fight dandruff.

    For the ideal doses, read the instruction provided on the insert or ask the advice of a pharmacist. This regime gives visible results after a few months, so be patient!

Do you have any other method related to how to fix dry hair? Feel free to share and help someone in the comment section below. I hope you got something useful from this article.

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