Best Way to Cover Gray Hair: Dark Hair or Blonde

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You want to easily cover gray hair.

Probably, your first gray hair has just appeared. Maybe you are in a rush! Should we color them? Make an appointment immediately with the hairdresser or rush to the supermarket?

Read on to get some amazing tips and advice on how to effortlessly cover gray hair.

When the question of coloring arises, it is difficult to know how to proceed.

Permanent coloring, vegetable coloring, organic, at the hairdresser, or at home.

It is not always easy to make a choice. Especially when you read everything and it’s the opposite!

Best Way to Cover Gray Hair

Expert Advice – Best Way to Cover Gray Hair on Dark Hair

1. You don’t have to color from the first white hair

If you don’t like the arrival of these first white hairs badly, you don’t like it aesthetically, no reason not to cover them.

But this is not an obligation. More and more men and women are deciding not to go right through the coloring step and to assume these first signs of time.

It’s even very trendy, but still easier to assume on an ash blonde hair than on a brown or brown hair.

To start with, you can opt for temporary coloring, or tone on tone, without ammonia.

This focuses on the roots since the coloring fades by itself after a few shampoos. “The more white hair there is, the more I will load the preparation with pigments” Explains the hairdresser.

If you want to opt for a shampoo, mousse, or coloring cream in-store, make sure that you do not have more than 50% white hair, otherwise, it will be necessary to switch to permanent coloring.

It is also recommended to choose a shade half a shade darker than its natural color for better coverage.

Use vegetable coloring, it works well on white hair

2. Use vegetable coloring, it works well on white hair

It has been certainly in use for some years now.

The technique of vegetable coloring has evolved enormously and these products are today as effective as chemical coloring.

Vegetable coloring has huge benefits. Unlike a chemical coloring, it does not open the scales of the hair and protects the hair ”, explains the hairdresser.

“However, first you need to do a hair detox with a clay preparation to rid the hair of silicones “, she adds.

For an optimal result, it is recommended to go to a hairdresser who masters this technique.

For those who would like to do their own hair coloring, it is possible.

“Though this requires real knowledge, especially since the coloring of white hair is very specific. Products such as henna pigments can carry out the application at home.

To avoid white roots, make sure you recolor every month

If you have opted for uniform color and want to minimize the root effect as much as possible, you will need to redo the color every three to four weeks.

Depending on whether you decide to go to the hairdresser or use a commercial product for a homemade treatment. it might be a notable financial investment.

3. Embrace a DIY routine. You can color your white hair at home

This is entirely possible and fun.

Many brands offer colorings specially dedicated to coloring white hair.

Women often think that there are only two hair colors: blonde or brown. When in reality there are a large number of tones, nuances, and reflections.

Before embarking on a color with a product bought in a supermarket, it is better to know it’s a natural color.

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